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    company-wide specifications in a workflow definition

    James Depoorter Novice

      For now, every process definition can have its own terminology, patterns, specifications and the like. It would be nice if a business process designer would have a set of standardized specs he could start with. Some examples:
      - a formal set of transitions that may be used (e.g. so there will be only one "true"/"false" transition set, and not a "yes/no", "go/nogo", etc. if they mean the same)
      - a transition always having the same actionHandler
      - a swimlane definition together with its assignment handler (e.g. now it is possible to have a "manager" swimlane and use an assignment handler not relevant for that swimlane)
      - a node with two actions
      - a tasknode with 3 tasks
      - ...
      These could be specified in some er... specification file that could be versioned as well. These specs could have a name or an id. They could be referenced from the process definitions by id.
      A constraint could be used that elements cannot reference specs that are other elements (e.g. a transition cannot reference a node specification)

      I know, a lot of feature requests, but I saw this already in a FWFF (Friendly WorkFlow Framework :-))