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    organizing my contributions

    Tom Baeyens Master

      on behalf of Marcin:

      I would like to organize somehow my involvement in the jbpm project, so that it woould be easier for You to plan assigments for me.

      I saw that there are still many open issues in web interface component. I can handle some of them, but first I need to refine my knowledge of JavaServer Faces technology. I will take me about 4 days. I need to recall as well my knowledge of jbmp itself.

      Till the end of this I would like to fix the issue assigned to me, that is:

      JBPM-186 manage process definitions

      I think there's a problem with hibernate synchronization (I've sent You a stacktrace), if it's really the case I'll try to produce a test case to reproduce the bug, and fix it.

      I would also like to fix this week issues concerning firefox compatibility:

      JBPM-528 Webapp does not work as it should on Firefox
      JBPM-291 jBPM demo does not work with Firefox browser
      JBPM-558 Web page renders poorly in Firefox

      and this one:

      JBPM-560 Image has text incorrectly overlaid on it

      Please let me know what You think of it. Apart of JBPM-186 the bugs are rather simple, that is why I have chosen them for the beginning.

      Kind regards,

      Marcin Mieszek

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          Tom Baeyens Master

          All of the issues you mention seem pretty well chosen. You already seem to know the most important point for getting started with contributing: start small. Take something that is feasable within the time you want to contribute to jbpm. great.

          There are some bigger reworks that need to be done with the webapp. I'll post about that on this forum next. But your issues seem to be separated from the rework that needs to be done. So i don't see a problem there.

          Make sure a jira issue is assigned to you before you start contributing.

          Let us know how it goes.

          regards, tom.