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    JBossNS and RMI issues on multi-homed servers

    Corey M. Ellis Newbie


      I have a two node cluster setup (ACTIVE/STANDBY) -- JBoss Application is not clustered. These two machines have 3 networks. I am doing some synchronization of information using remote method calls between the two machines.

      The network hostnames are as follows


      I have setup the JNDI on both machines to listen to all interfaces, and when I perform lookups, I am building the URL using the cross links (e.g. jnp://sdp1_cross:1099)

      Now the strange thing is that if I disable the sdp1 network, then I try to synchronize data from sdp2_cross to sdp1_cross the lookup just hangs/fails (This is also seen in twiddle)

      A rmi.ConnectIOException is eventually thrown

      Has anyone seen strange behavior with JBossNS for remote lookups on multihomed servers. Or does anybody know how to resolve this issue.

      If necessary I can post exceptions and code snippets. I just wanted to see if I would get any replies on the topic before putting all the code on the post.

      Thanks in advance