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    Null Layout when portlet maximized

    Jon Whitmore Newbie

      Hello. I have been tasked with upgrading our AS from jboss-4.0.3SP1 to jboss-4.0.5.GA, and our portal from 2.2.1-SP3 to 2.4.1. Both the AS and portal where downloaded and unzipped manually. My JDBC driver, jboss-portal.sar, and portal-hsqldb-ds.xml have been copied to the /server/default/lib. At the moment I am only working with the hypersonic database.

      Almost everything works at this point. In addition to migrating my portlet descriptors I have been bringing our layout into compliance with JBoss standards - in the past we were not using many portlet styles and had no controls in the title bar. I have my portlet decorations and contols rendering correctly in my portlet title now and all of the controls work except for maximizing a portlet.

      The exception:

      javax.servlet.ServletException: No null layout allowed here

      root cause

      java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: No null layout allowed here
      ... *snip*

      I have searched the forums and found a thread or two concerning this exception where the solution seemingly had to do with the database connectivity. Since my entire portal is working except maximizing, I'm inclined to say I have a different problem. That said, we've never tried maximizing our portlets before so it could be some old mistake made before I started.

      Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.


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          Jon Whitmore Newbie

          Don't you love it when writing out your entire problem in a forum leads you to think of the answer before anyone posts?

          My problem was that we never had a maximized layout. I added this line to my portal-layouts.xml file:

          <uri state="maximized">/layout/generic/maximized.jsp</uri>

          right under the first URI tag and then of course made a maximized.jsp and restarted.