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    WSRP and initCookie (JBoss Portal 2.6.5.SP1)

    Andreas Chlupacek Newbie


      we're currently evaluating Portal 2.6.5.SP1 in a WSRP scenario. Currently we are running two instances, one as consumer, one as producer. The producer offers two remote portlets from two distinct web apps. As we are trying to gain some insight into the nature of the cookies being passed around, we stumbled across the fact that the consumer does not seem to call the initCookie operation before invoking getMarkup.

      JBoss Portal's WSRP producer demands perUser initalization, which we can see coming across the wire nicely in its getServiceDescriptionResponse envelope. So theoretically, the consumer should invoke initCookie on the producer's markup service before trying to invoke getMarkup, right?

      From what I've gathered from a glimpse at the sources (and debugging around a bit), requiresInitCookie() in org.jboss.portal.wsrp.consumer.SessionHandler will never return true since the SessionHandler's member requiresInitCookie seems always to hold null.

      ...or am I just missing something obvious? If so, please give me a hint ;-)

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