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    Evaluating messaging questions to the experts

    Damon Brown Newbie

      Hello all,
      I am working towards bringing our old Biztalk platforms to end of life. We currently use the Biztalk system with out vendors and customers through the RosettaNet standards. There has been alot of turnover and growth and need a better solution. We use jBoss as our intranet development platform now and are slowly integrating into jBPM. I have a few questions being new in the java messaging arena that will help me make the decision to go this route:

      Scenario: We have a large volume inbound and outbound Biztalk system currently at end-of-life. A project has come in that we need to make these upgrades as soon as possible. This system uses RosettaNet as its current communication standard, but will go to AS2 when the upgrades are completed.

      1. Can JBoss messaging send messages using HTTPS to different messaging platforms? If so, can you direct me to an example of this? Or how to use the HttpConnectionFactory invoker?

      2. Can JBoss messaging communicate with external systems that are not JBoss queues, such as, Biztalk? Does it matter what system the receiver is on at all?

      3. I am finding little besides the Web Seminar and the user doc as examples to getting this set up. All examples communicate using JNDI to localhost. Is there a way to use the http example to pass a message to an external messaging system?

      Thanks for your time, I look forward to utilizing this system.