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    @DataTable, datatable and outputText rendered behavior

    Marius Oancea Novice

      I have the following piece of code:

      <h:dataTable value="#{itemsList}" var="tocEntry" rendered="#{not empty itemsList}">
       <h:outputText value="#{courseTracker.currentItem == tocEntry}" />
       <h:commandLink action="#{courseTracker.selectTocEntry}" >#{tocEntry.learnItem.title}#{tocEntry.quiz.title}

      the code display correctly :
      falseGetting familiar with your JSP server
      falseYour first JSP
      trueOpening the editor
      falseStart coding
      falseAdding dynamic content via expressions
      falseScriplets test
      falseJSP Professional

      The condition courseTracker.currentItem == tocEntry is telling me if the currently rendered component is the one marked as selected in the backing bean (itemsList - a List annotated with @DataTable).

      If I select a new entry (e.g. Start coding) the boolean value before the enty is changed and the selected entry in backing bean is also changed. (All perfect until now).

      I wanted to only render the outputText if the enty is selected. So i changed the obove code to :

      <h:dataTable value="#{itemsList}" var="tocEntry" rendered="#{not empty itemsList}">
       <h:outputText value="SOMETHING " rendered="#{courseTracker.currentItem == tocEntry}" />
       <h:commandLink action="#{courseTracker.selectTocEntry}" >#{tocEntry.learnItem.title} </h:commandLink>

      Once i did that, any link i press (to make another selection) the same think is submitted (row 0 is submitted as selected).

      If i put styleClass instead of renderer and i do the right css all is working again. Why "outputText rendered" can disturb the selection?

      I think there is something with the time when the condition is evaluated and with the time when "column" is rendered ... Phases listeteners or so ....

      I'm not expert in JSF but what is so special with "rendered" attribute? I think this attribute is somehow special being rendered before rendering. How to avoid this problem?


      I did some more research and seems that if i put the expression into another place than in "rendered" attribute, the expresion is evaluated during uitext.encodeBegin called by renderChild included into the flow of table.renderColumnBody. See stack below:
      UIText.encodeBegin(FacesContext) line: 49
      RendererUtils.renderChild(FacesContext, UIComponent) line: 441
      RendererUtils.renderChildren(FacesContext, UIComponent) line: 427
      RendererUtils.renderChild(FacesContext, UIComponent) line: 448
      HtmlTableRenderer(HtmlTableRendererBase).renderColumnBody(FacesContext, ResponseWriter, UIData, UIComponent, Iterator) line: 195
      HtmlTableRenderer(HtmlTableRendererBase).encodeColumnChild(FacesContext, ResponseWriter, UIData, UIComponent, Iterator) line: 168
      HtmlTableRenderer(HtmlTableRendererBase).encodeInnerHtml(FacesContext, UIComponent) line: 154
      HtmlTableRenderer(HtmlTableRendererBase).encodeChildren(FacesContext, UIComponent) line: 94
      HtmlDataTable(UIComponentBase).encodeChildren(FacesContext) line: 319
      FaceletViewHandler.encodeRecursive(FacesContext, UIComponent) line: 513
      FaceletViewHandler.encodeRecursive(FacesContext, UIComponent) line: 518
      FaceletViewHandler.renderView(FacesContext, UIViewRoot) line: 447
      LifecycleImpl.render(FacesContext) line: 300

      If i do the same but putting the el into the rendered attribute, the el gets called at a diferent moment (see the stack below):
      HtmlOutputText(UIComponentBase).isRendered() line: 822
      HtmlOutputText(UIComponentBase).processDecodes(FacesContext) line: 393
      HtmlDataTable(UIData).process(FacesContext, UIComponent, int) line: 511
      HtmlDataTable(UIData).processColumnChildren(FacesContext, int) line: 498
      HtmlDataTable(UIData).processDecodes(FacesContext) line: 381
      UIViewRoot(UIComponentBase).processDecodes(FacesContext) line: 397
      UIViewRoot.processDecodes(FacesContext) line: 131
      LifecycleImpl.applyRequestValues(FacesContext) line: 177
      LifecycleImpl.execute(FacesContext) line: 71

      What am I missing ?