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    Seam CVS upgraded to JBoss AS 4.0.4.CR2 / EJB3 RC6

    Gavin King Master

      I have completed the upgrade to the latest rev of JBoss EJB3.


      * Seam now requires 4.0.4.CR2
      * @Interceptors(SeamInterceptor.class) is no longer required, check the booking demo to see what to use instead
      * Startup of embedded EJB3 is *much* faster in eclipse - SeamTest screams along, this is really great
      * Jars have been rationalized into three xxx-all.jar files, hopefully this makes the environment much more manageable

      In other news:

      * The Seam portal example app is available, though installing it is still a bit painful (we are working on this)
      * I have created a 1 day - 1.5 day Seam training course, contact sales@jboss.com if you are interested
      * I've fixed several bugs recently, Seam is now more robust
      * I added the Seam events component and events.xml
      * I am working on cutting a 1.0 rc1 release over the next week (mainly working on doco refresh)