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    Pageflow - Dynamic viewID

    John Conner Newbie

      I am about to replace a shopping cart application (struts->seam). The application is multi-tenat and one of the features we are hoping to be able to provide with a new architecture is the ability to customize which page is displayed for a given client.

      We have a standard page flow for checkout, however, each client would like their own custom L&F (much more than can be offered by changing css). I am just starting to work with pageflow - so sorry if this is a stupid question.

      One way I thought might be possible is to change the viewID. Can the viewID of the different pageflow constructs accept an el value and be dynamic? If not, could you point me in the direction of what I would have to modify in order let this happen (or let me know it's not possible so I look for a different way to achieve what I want).

      After reading the docs, I was thinking of trying something like:

      <page name="checkout"
       <transition to="checkout"/>
       <transition name="complete" to="complete"/>