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    Starting with Seam: build files, jars, paths?

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      Sometimes the hardest part is just setting up the build environment and the framework. I have downloaded the Seam dist and gotten the hotel reservation app to work in JBoss. Easy. Now I want to make my own Seam application. This is turning out to be HARD. The hotel reservation app's build.xml does a import ../../build.xml which brings in the entire Seam build.xml file. Now I need to figure out what that entire file is doing, pick it apart and make my own build file. This is somewhat hard.

      Does anyone have a zip of a very simple application template that I can start from, so I don't have to go through all this? Ideally which don't have dependencies on a huge file tree like the entire Seam distribution? I know from experience with other Java Enterprise things, just getting "hello world" to build is more than half the battle.