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    How to implement cross cutting classes jar in a seam ear?

    Richard Teviotdale Newbie

      I'm trying to split my utility classes away into their own jar file so I can easily reuse them from different seam projects and maintain a single source tree. I've created a jar containing the classes but I have not been able to add the jar into my ear (or war) correctly.

      I've tried a few different approaches with no success:

      - adding the jar to project.ear/project.war/WEB-INF/lib (class not found)
      - adding the jar to project.ear/ and adding a module tag inside application.xml (bean class has no local, webservice or remote interfaces defined)
      - adding the jar to project.ear and adding a loader-repository tag inside jboss-app.xml (expected only one loader-repository tag)

      Some of the classes inside my jar are seam components which is why I've posted this question in the seam forum. My project.ear is esentially a generic empty seam-gen project to which I've added my jar.