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    jboss seam 4.2.0.cr2  all seams to fail install examples fai

    dreu zel Novice

      All seam seems to fail ??!!!!
      I tried the CVS anonymous CVS load (frist time user) even user anonymous seem not to be abe to connect time out i suspect the service is not there at all.

      I tried using seam 1.2.ga
      installing seam-book it fails to install (no proper expaining found
      copied all the JAr's to jboss 4.2.0cr2 default .... nothings seemt to help..

      is there a way to get an overvieuw of havving the correct ja's on board
      if every product is in need of its propper version nothing can be run anymore.... from the outside this looks like a big mess....

      any suggestions ???