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    tomcat seam and external app (SessionBean not bound)

    Laszlo Schaffer Newbie


      I have a seam app that I had to ported to tomcat(6) . Another web app (from jsp pages) should reach some service functions from the seam app
      There is a simple stateless bean as a service proxy through external web clients can reach some business services
      (Note: this is working with jboss 4.2)

      the session bean

      public class ServiceProxyBean implements ServiceProxy {
      @EJB UserController userCnt;
      @EJB PartnerController partnerCnt;


      the jsp ('normal' web app)

      try {
      InitialContext ctx = new InitialContext();

      System.out.println("proxy ok");

      and the jndi in this webapp


      But in tomcat6 I got an exception "bean not bound in jndi"

      Is there any workaround ?