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    Feature-Request: @CreateProcessAndStartTask

    Torsten Fink Newbie


      I had now twice the need for a new feature, thus I would like to utter a feature request. I am not sure if this is the right place, but it is worth a try.

      From looking at the examples, the Seam-way to work with processes is to
      1. Create a process (@CreateProcess)
      2. Show a list with the tasks
      3. Start working with a task by selecting one in the list (@StartTask)
      This is really convenient.

      But what I need is one step to
      - create a process and
      - start working an the first task in a long running conversation with associated business process context.

      In short, something such as @CreateProcessAndStartTask.

      What I did in the current project to achieve the same effect, is this:

      public String initialize() {
       final Long processId = businessProcess.getProcessId();
       final ProcessInstance processInstance = jbpmContext.getProcessInstance(processId);
       final Collection taskInstances = processInstance.getTaskMgmtInstance().getTaskInstances();
       final TaskInstance task = (TaskInstance) taskInstances.iterator().next();
       return "createNewOffer";

      The new annotation needs at least two properties:
      - name of the process
      - name of the task

      Does this request makes sense?

      -- Torsten