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    Configuring jboss-seam with ICEFace

    kavi arasu Newbie

      Hi im using ant 1.7
      and seam 1.2.1 GA and jbossserver 4.0.5 with eclipse 3.2 and downloaded ICEfaces-Seam-Gen-1.6.0-DR5
      as per the read me file i configure all and put the jar files in the lib folder and gone to the root directory of seam-gen
      and type ant-setup
      but it giving built failed error what i want to do now
      or i donloaded the ICEfaces-Eclipse-IDE-v2.0.0 and ICEfaces-1.6.0-DR5-bin and did as the instructions
      but in prefernce there no Project faces visible for the projects which i created using seam can any one help
      thanks regards