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    How to end a conversation with free form navigation

    Ilya Doe Newbie

      The application has a main menu with various links. One of them starts a wizard with several pages, that I have implemented as a conversation(started with @Begin).
      While the wizard is active, the main menu should be available.

      So I have folowing problems:

      1) If conversation started and in the middle of the conversation, the user clicks a button from the link, the conversation is not propagated (which is ok), but it still active(memory leak). And if then the user tries to start another conversation an exception occurs.
      How can I end the conversation? by placing end-conversation on every single non wizard page that can be accessed from wizard screens? this sounds crazy to me.

      2) If conversation started and while in the middle of the conversation the user presses back button many times (this can end to any page on the website) - how to I close the conversation? placing end-conversation on every page on the site sounds again crazy :)