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    How to integrate NTLM authentication with JBoss portal

    Prassana Janarthanan Newbie

      hi all,

      I have a portal application where i want to use ntlm authentication to authenticate and later authorise the user based on roles defined in jbp_role_membership table. The user details are available in jbp_users table and roles are defined in jbp_roles table.

      I am using jcifs-1.2.6 .jar. and my web.xml is configured as

      <filter-name>NTLM HTTP Authentication Filter</filter-name>

      <filter-name>NTLM HTTP Authentication Filter</filter-name>

      i have commented out form based authentication (i.r. i am not using JAAS)
      also i have commented all security constraints. in web.xml

      the problem i have come across is that the user is able to login in but his role is not being read by the portal application

      can any tell me what might be the possible reason for this. what cab be done so that the application can read the user rols and provide tham the expected features.