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    core:resource-bundle and how to use it

    Isabella Kneissl Newbie

      I have defined a resourceBundle class in components.xml, e.g.


      This class has some special feature for organisation of labels, messages etc. and there are defined my resourceBundle, texts.properties, labels.properties.
      All works fine with the standard jsf <f:loadBundle>. Ich define there a variable name for my bundle (e.g. msg) and can use my resources.

      Now I want to use my texts with the seam features, described in the documentation chapter 13. Internationalization and themes (13.2.).
      But the only way, I can use the seam feature with EL expressions in the messages is with #{messages['label1']}. Then everything is ok.

      But I have a lot of pages with many EL expressions for resource bundles and I don't want to change them all, because I have use the key 'messages'. I can't imagine, that there is no way to configure this key?

      But I couldn't find a way to change this key 'messages'.
      Is there any possibility?