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    Error building Seam source code

    Dave Everson Newbie

      I've been able to build the Seam source code in the past. However after checking out all the updates from CVS and attempting to do a build using ANT, I am getting the following message:

      C:\workspace\projects\jboss-seam\build.xml:220: Following error occured while executing this line C:\workspace\projects\jboss-seam\build\utilities.xml:39: The <urn:maven-artifact-ant:install> type doesn't support the nested "pom" element.

      I tried looking around the Wiki for build procedures, but could not find anything.

      Can someone shed some light on this error or point me to build procedures?

      JDK - JRockit 1.5
      OS - Windows Vista
      ANT - 1.6