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    Template/XHTML/Page cache flushing

    David Radunz Newbie


      I know this might not be something related at all to Seam, but I figured someone here might know the answer (and perhaps because Seam overloads the view handler, it is seam specific).

      Was wondering if there was a way of flushing the cache for a given loaded resource? I have developed a system for the hot deployment of page fragments (xhtml) and need a means of forcing the reload of a given xhtml file upon re-deployment or deployment of a another xhtml fragment with higher precedence. I have so far found one solution: http://jira.nuxeo.org/browse/NXP-1010 - I am not really a huge fan of their approach and really don't want to subclass a bunch of facelets classes (specifically to copy code that wasn't subclassible and make it subclassible).