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    Skip some columns in datatable

    Prachi Gupta Newbie


      I have a data table that iterates over a collection using Columns to render its content dynamically.
      I want to skip showing the first object in the collection in the datatable as a column. Removing the first object from the collection so that it only has objects I do want to show in the table is not an option.
      Is there any way of doing that?

      Heres what I am doing currently:

      <rich:dataTable value="#{reportTableView.rowList}" var="row">
       <rich:columns value="#{reportTableView.columns}" var="column" index="ind">
       <c:if test="#{ind > 0}">
       <h:outputText value="#{row.cellList[ind].displayValue}" />

      But using the if to check if its the first column doesnt work because the table still shows a blank column. Is there some way to hide the first column?