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    Which repository structure with Seam (glassfish + netbeans)

    jerome mouneyrac Newbie

      I currently work on a project using EJB3-Facade-Session-Value Object-JSF, all running on Glassfish. I use Netbeans.
      I would like to use Seam. However as I'm beginner there are some stuff I don't catch.

      In my JEE5 project I've got an Enterprise Application which contains EJB Module + Web Application. All my back end is in EJB module and the front end is in the Web Application.

      I tried Seam 2 JEE5 Booking example. Netbeans shows it as an Ant something project. It's probably an Ant Web Application. The JEE2 Booking looks to use EJB3. I don't understand why there is no EJB Module, no Enterprise Application. Are they not mandatory? If no why do EJB module or Enterprise application exist?