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    Seam developer availability

    Diwant Vaidya Newbie

      I am finding that most Indian developers have had experience with Struts and JSP. I would like to use Seam for a new product I am developing, but I am having difficulty finding people who have a working knowledge of Seam, or even of EJB 3.0 and JSF.

      I would like your advice on the below two points.

      1. Are there people in Hydrebad/Pune/Mumbai that have experience in these technologies (Seam 2, EJB 3, JSF 1.2)? How much does this talent go for?
      2. Should I move to Struts instead to develop the product (which will have a lifespan of at least 5 years) and forgo the conversations and smaller code of Seam for a faster ramp time with Struts?