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    ANNOUNCE: Speed up your Data-Driven JSF Seam Application by

    Kito Mann Apprentice

      I am pleased to announce a new article from Dan Allen - Speed up your Data-Driven JSF/Seam Application by Two Orders of Magnitude - Part 1.In the first of this two-part article, Dan discusses some common performance problems you may encounter when using JSF components, Seam components, and the EL. You'll learn about the set of best practices for eliminating them that led to an improvement of two orders of magnitude in the performance of his application. Here is an excerpt:

      Developing a data management application is just a matter of getting data up on the screen in tabular format, correct? Oh, right, and being able to filter the data. Ah, and also allowing the data to be changed. Unfortunately, once those challenges are behind us, we tend to wash our hands of the application and move on. But the principle goal of most web applications is to enable users to perform their work more efficiently than they did before we introduced our solution. In fact, none of those fancy features you add have any value at all if you can't improve the user's productivity. That's why, before you step away, you have to make sure that you have addressed the issue of performance.

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