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    how to access jboss by ip address..

    mohit agarwal Newbie

      hi, i have an applicaiton and i have deployed it as a new server on jboss.i have a runserver.bat file which calls my run.bat file in bin folder to deploy this application.
      In my runserver.bat i use the command

      run -c appname -Dlog4j.configuration=log4jWEB.xml

      Running it on localhost works fine.But if i use the command
      run -c appname -b Ipaddress -Dlog4j.configuration=log4jWEB.xml -Dappserver.type=JBOSS

      by adding -b ipaddress to bind it to my ip address.It gives some errors and application is not deployed.

      So what should i do to deploy this application on my Ip address rather than on localhost.Beacause i want to use this application by network.