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    How to build jbpm4jsf

    David Lloyd Master

      Follow these instructions if you want to build jbpm4jsf and get started playing with it now (it works with the recently-released jBPM 3.2.GA). I wrote these instructions for UNIX-like environments (like Linux or [possibly] Cygwin), but it should be pretty obvious how to do this in Windows. You must be using JDK 1.5 or better.

      1) Check out the jBPM and Gravel sources from SVN.

      svn co http://anonsvn.jboss.org/repos/gravel/gravel.1/trunk gravel
      svn co http://anonsvn.jboss.org/repos/jbpm/jbpm4jsf/trunk jbpm4jsf

      2) Build Gravel.

      cd gravel
      ant all
      cd ..

      3) Create a build.properties.local in jbpm4jsf for Gravel.

      cd jbpm4jsf
      echo 'lib.gravel.local=../gravel/target/gravel.jar' > build.properties.local

      4) Build jbpm4jsf and the taglib documentation.

      ant jar tlddoc

      Once you have followed these steps, you can deploy the resultant jbpm4jsf.jar file (from jbpm4jsf/target) with your jBPM application and try out the various tags. The taglib documentation will be in "jbpm4jsf/target/docs/tlddoc/index.html".

      If you discover that any actions are missing that you'd like to see, post them to this forum and we'll discuss it.