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    SOAPMessage or our own message

    Tom Baeyens Master

      In JEE package javax.xml.soap there is a class called SOAPMessage.

      Can we use that one for our internal message representation or do we need to build our own message abstraction ?

      Maybe SOAPMessage supposes web services and BPEL is WSDL so it doesn't necessary have to be web services. Is that an aspect in this discussion or am i getting it wrong ?

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          Charles Souillard Newbie

          For the Bpel engine, the message format is specified in the spec : it is a list of parts. Each one is an infoset...
          This is quite long to explain ! There is already a class Messae in the CVS which is compliant with the spec...
          A SOAPMessage part content is a |javax.xml.transform.Source|
          In our case it is an InformationItem.
          Next, if we take SOAPMessage as a base, it means we will always use SOAP (as the message is defined in an enveloppe...). It is a big limitation I think. Wsdl abstract part does not specify that we must use SOAP...

          I will have a look at the spec to verify it is not mandatory.