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    Markus Heidt Newbie

      I'm trying to migrate a SmooksTranformer to a SmooksAction with the latest ESB 4.3.GA

      I figured out already, that the deployment.xml needs an additional


      So now it deploys without errors.

      On the rootlevel of the .esb I have a couple of .jars.

      When I trigger the esb, it gives me a
      Caused by: org.milyn.cdr.SmooksConfigurationException: Invalid Smooks bean configuration. Bean class
      not on classpath.
      at org.milyn.javabean.BeanIn

      It was working on ESB 4.2.1.GA

      How do I tell smooks, that it might look into some of the jars of the .esb?
      Any build.xml entries I'm not aware of?