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    Query - JBoss ESB 4.3 - helloworld_ftp deploy-readonly

    Chua Khoon Yong Novice

      hi any1,

      I notice something that i don't understand in the helloworld_ftp deploy-readonly sample. Here is what i did:

      1. Setup everything for the example and it is working fine. That means if a file (.dat) is deposited in the ftp server, it would be picked by the ftp-listener. I also configure the tree cache properly.

      2. Let says, the JBoss ESB server is currently stopped and i deposit a new file called "hello.dat" into the ftp server. Now i start the server and run the example, this "hello.dat" is not pick up.

      Is it the correct behaviour that the helloworld_ftp deploy-readonly sample only listen to files that are added after the sample is deployed?

      (btw, my expectation is that it would pickup "hello.dat")

      Please help,