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    Creating a custom TCP/IP listener

    John DeStefano Apprentice


      We are working on using JBoss ESB in an HL7 messaging project. We currently have a custom MBean HL7 receiver (server) that takes in HL7 messages, ACK's back to the sending system and places the message on a queue. We realize that we could easily read the message from the queue and pass it into the ESB. We have also looked a using a Groovy script with some modifications to the current code we have to create a more native ESB listener.

      What we would like to do is create a native ESB listener service that implements the HL7 MLLP protocol. This would involve listening on a socket for a client connection. Reading HL7 messages, sending ACK's and putting the recieved message on the ESB for further processing. This service could pass the message to a JMS queue as an intermediary stop.

      To implement such a listener what would be the recommended approach? Are there any concrete examples of implementing a TCP/IP listener?