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    who can help me with this problem please?

    Meng Yang Newbie

      Hi, I found a problem in my program. In the constructor of the class
      com.arjuna.mwlabs.wst.at.remote.UserTransactionImple, there is a sentence _activationCoordinatorService = System.getProperty(Environment.COORDINATOR_URL); but I always get null for activationCoordinatorService . I am sure I have configured coordinator url in the wstx.xml. Then why can't I get this property? which is the class that is responsible for loading the property from the configuration file? Thank you

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          Christian Kloy Newbie


          i am facing the same problem. The class

          is responsible for the configuration. It scan the file wstx.xml and set these properties. Is there maybe a faq or wiki for this problem?


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            Christian Kloy Newbie

            Your wstx.xml is placed in which folder?

            The JBossAS is looking in the path .../jboss-4..../server/default/conf/wstx.xml

            Why i cant configure the path for this file? That would be a good feature.

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              Andrew Dinn Master

              The file wstx.xml is normally deployed with your application. You also normally have to deploy the XTS libraries with your app as well. This is true even if the coordinator is remote because your app needs to be able to use the client APIs to talk to the coordinator and needs to provide the client-side services that the coordinator replies to. This is explained in the file INSTALL file which is placed in the root of a JBossTS JTS build (you will also find it in the ArjunaJTS directory of the source tree).

              Also, look at the demo application to see an example of how the config files and XTS code jars/wars are packaged with the demo app. Refer to the XTS trailmap html docs for a more detailed explanation (these are generated as part of a JBossTS JTS build and are located in directory XTS/xts-install).