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    Key/node affinity - how to get it?

    Nikita Ivanov Newbie

      Hey Guys,

      We are looking at integrating GridGain 2.x with Infinispan for one of our clients and I can't find a way to get a key-to-node mapping, i.e. given a key how do I get a node where data for this key is stored (partitioned cache, of course)?


      Thanks in advance!


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          Manik Surtani Master

          Hi Nikita,


          Not sure I understand. 


          Doing a Cache.get(key) will perform the necessary remote lookups if the key is not mapped to the instance you invoked the method on (and is not in L1 - provided you have enabled L1 caching). 


          If you want to generate a key such that it will always be stored on a local instance (in addition to N backups), there is currently a feature request for this which will be there in 4.1.0.  The JIRA (ISPN-232) contains info on how you could do this yourself for the time being.




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            Mircea Markus Master

            If you have the key, you can determine the node(s) on which it resides as follows:


                  ConsistentHash consistentHash = cache1.getAdvancedCache().getDistributionManager().getConsistentHash();

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