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    RichFaces (Framework) 4.0.0.ALPHA1: Linkage Error while Deployment

    Stephan Naecker Newbie



      starting some prototyping for a coming project I 'm developing some small web application using the following technologies:


      JBoss 6.0.0.M1

      JSF 2.0.1-FCS (that 's the one in /jbossweb.sar/jsf-libs and I don 't add it to the war)

      Richfaces (Framework) 4.0.0.ALPHA1


      My build tool is Maven 2.0.9.


      I get the following error when deploying my web application:


      10:09:33,476 ERROR [[/depot-webapp]] Exception sending context initialized event to listener instance of class org.jboss.web.jsf.integration.config.JBossJSFConfigureListener


      java.lang.LinkageError: loader constraint violation: when resolving method "org.slf4j.impl.StaticLoggerBinder.getLoggerFactory()Lorg/slf4j/ILoggerFactory;" the class loader (instance of org/jboss/classloader/spi/base/BaseClassLoader) of the current class, org/slf4j/LoggerFactory, and the class loader (instance of org/jboss/classloader/spi/base/BaseClassLoader) for resolved class, org/slf4j/impl/StaticLoggerBinder, have different Class objects for the type org/slf4j/ILoggerFactory used in the signature


      Before the deployment of my application fails, the admin-console is deployed and JBoss logs the following message:


      ERROR [org.apache.myfaces.shared_impl.config.MyfacesConfig] (Thread-2) Both MyFaces and the RI are on your classpath. Please make sure to use only one of the two JSF-implementations.


      The admin-console seems to use MyFaces 1.2.7 and RichFaces 3.3.0.GA. I added "org.jboss.jbossfaces.WAR_BUNDLES_JSF_IMPL" to my web.xml for a quickfix but it doesn 't seem to work.


      Oop! I recognized that I edited my web.xml in my target directory, so any build removed my new entry... when I edit the one in the src directory it takes an effect. I get another error! ;-)


      I leave my post in here, maybe there is someone who knows the problem and can help me.