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    no dynamic column width in a extendeddatatable ?

    Chuck Bronberg Newbie



      I am trying many ways to dynamic configure the with in a extendeddatatable with no success.


      Originally I had the width setted in the rich:column component but then I am including the table in different rich:tab within a tabPanel and also adding or taking out columns according to the tab.

      For that I need to configure the width of the columns dynamically according to the content.


      I used an attribute of the backing bean like


        <rich:extendedDataTable value="#{outagesXtndTbl.outagesDataModel}" var="out" id="bmc_table" width="560px"
         height="400px" sortMode="#{outagesXtndTbl.sortMode}" selectionMode="#{outagesXtndTbl.selectionMode}"
         tableState="#{outagesXtndTbl.tableState}" selection="#{outagesXtndTbl.selection}"  columnsWidth="#{outagesXtndTbl.colWidths}"


      but this is not changing. I even test it displaying the value of #{outagesXtndTbl.colWidths} in a column and I can see the expected value (the width I need) but the width doesn't change.


      inspecting the table with FireBug, I see that the width of the columns are set within a column group:

      <colgroup id="j_id12:xySubView:bmc_table:colgroup:header">

        <col width="20"/>

        <col width="120"/>

        <col width="220"/>



      Do I have to define a columnGroup to dynamically modify those?