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    picklist cursor handling

    Karl Krasnowsky Newbie

      Sorry for the basic question, but I'm not having much luck getting this to look right.

      I'm reviewing an interface written by someone from our group. In his implementation of picklist controls (components?) the cusor when over items in the lists has the behavior of the mouse pointer (cursor) becoming a text selection icon when hovering over an item in the list. On my asking him about this he claims there's no way to change it. I'm finding this a bit hard to believe. Using v 3.3 of richfaces. Could this be a bug or might he not understand how to properly initialize the control?

      In my attempts to adjust I create a cursor: pointer; style and add it to the control like this:


      1.                     <rich:pickList id="targets" value="#{quotebean.targets}"  required="true" 
      2.                                    copyAllControlLabel="Add All" copyControlLabel="Add" listClass="mypointer"
      3.                         <f:selectItems value="#{quotebean.targetItemsAvailable}" /> 
      4.                     </rich:pickList> 


      which almost works. Only problem is, it turns the cursor to the pointer anywhere in the selection list where what I really want is it to change when it's over any of the items in the list. How do I do this? Can anyone help?