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    Inserting fair amounts of text through RF

    mark lewis Newbie



      I'm using rich:insert to insert contents of logs.

      My (internal) users will be expecting to see large amounts of text displayed and user the browser search function to get to the point they want.


      As the logs can get big, I've split them up and am using rich:tabPanel to tab out sections of the log.

      But even with small amounts (20k of text) using the following takes ages to render.  I've tried using an a4j:include and that's fine except as the logfile didn't embed <br/> tags it's all on one line.  When I try and insert them, RF slows down again.


      How can I output even fair amounts of text quickly (pref: 100-200k)?



                               <rich:panel header="Log Content">
                                      <a4j:outputPanel ajaxRendered="true">
                                          <a4j:region id="op">
                                              <rich:tabPanel switchType="ajax" rendered="true">
                                                  <!-- feed iteration -->
                                                  <c:forEach items="#{myBacking.logHours}" var="hrs">
                                                      <rich:tab styleClass="tab" label="#{hrs}"
                                                          action="#{myBacking.setLogText}" reRender="sysMsg">
                                                          <f:param name="hour" value="#{hrs}" />
                                                          <c:forEach items="#{myBacking.logText}" var="line">
                                                              <rich:insert content="#{line}" highlight="groovy" />