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    JMS management over Stomp: no messages in Topic hornetq.management

    Michael Justin Novice



      tody I tried the JMS management API with the Stomp transport. Retrieveing object information with hornetq.management (using _HQ_ResourceName and _HQ_Attribute) works fine. The result messages contain the information as binary data, I guess it is a serialized Java object, but this is ok at the moment. (Maybe it is possible to add a XML or JSON serializer for Java objects in the Stomp bridge later?)


      However I had no success with JMS message notifications (chapter 30.5.3 in the user guide). The Java example uses a special two-argument constructor for the topic:


      Topic notificationsTopic = HornetQJMSClient.createHornetQTopic("hornetq.notifications", "hornetq.notifications");


      Is this part of the documentation still valid? I checked the Java file for HornetQJMSClient in the 2.1.0.CR1 source and did not find this method.

      I have also added <management-notification-address>hornetq.notifications</management-notification-address> to the configuration.


      Maybe there are some special requirements for the JMS message notifications feature if used over Stomp? I will  test it with the Java JMS API later.



      Michael Justin