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    Rich vs Prime

    blabno Master

      Primefaces offers several cool components: growl, carousel, dashboard, schedule, star rating, notification bar, image cropper, dock.

      It also has very cool looks. It is also very easy to put cool effects with it. So it is easy for beginners.


      Richfaces on the other hand are so well written and designed (architecture). However they are harder to use. I.e. try adding fade effect to panel in Prime and in Rich. Richfaces skins differ with colours only and are not as attractive as Primefaces.


      As Richfaces fan I would like to propose to implement those components mentioned above and I'm asking if such plans exist. My small team could contribute a little (we have already posted rich:focus source in this forum).

      Other proposition is creating a public space for skin exchange, where people could share their css and resources for Rich components.


      Growl should be piece of cake, same goes for notification bar and dock. Dashboard is a cool thing, but probably should be combined with layout.

      The component I miss most is schedule. Primefaces have adopted fullcalendar - a jQuery plugin. I think rich:schedule should do the same, for I have tested that plugin and can tell it is professionally written.


      Will Richfaces compete with Primefaces or do you mean to complement each other?

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          Jay Balunas Master

          Hi Bernard,


          I appreciate your comments - both positive and negative regarding RichFaces and Primefaces.  Here are my thoughts and comments.
          • One - I'd like to hear more.  This is an open and open source project, so any comments, feedback, or contributions are welcome :-)
          • The best place to tell what is planned, or we are tracking is in jira - https://jira.jboss.org/jira/browse/RF.  If you can't find something in there please put in a jira for it.  So please review, add items you would like to see, and vote for them :-)

          • I agree that many of the components you discuss would be fairly easy to construct using our existing components.  I do agree that some of the usability in RichFaces needs to be adjusted, and that is one of our focuses for 4.0.  Any details or specifics please enter in jira's.


          • As for the skin exchange ( sounds kind of creepy that way ) this seems like a great idea.  I propose that you create a wiki page ( much like RichFaces In Production ) where users can post, and attach their skin samples to.  In fact, if you want, create an RFPL jira, assign it to yourself, and see what you can create.  We'll promote it and see where it grows.


          • Contributing to the project, once Alpha2 is out we'll have a cleaner build, and module breakout.  At that point we'll be creating some articles and blogs on how to contribute, with examples of creating components and patches.


          • BTW - I was just looking at your focus component - is there a jira in for it yet?  My quick search did not find it, but I've obviously seen the forum post.  Once 4.0 reaches milestone releases we'll be able to review and add items like this.  I think it is a needed component!!


          • Regarding RichFaces competing or complimenting other component libraries like PrimeFaces.  I think it will always be a mixture of both, and I think that is the healthiest option for ecosystem.  One of the JSF 2.0 goals was to make component library integration easier.  This was done by sharing a common core of Ajax functionality.  Since RichFaces and Primefaces have a history of working together, I think it is very important to continue that.  I hope to have cross project examples and testing if possible.


          Thanks and looking for your's and other's thoughts?
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            Nick Belaevski Master
            BTW - I was just looking at your focus component - is there a jira in for it yet?  My quick search did not find it, but I've obviously seen the forum post.  Once 4.0 reaches milestone releases we'll be able to review and add items like this.  I think it is a needed component!!

            Sorry for missing JIRA issue, just created new one and posted the link to the forum.

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              Sabyasachi Rout Newbie

              Hi,is there any way to implement both in a project.

              I am currently using JSF 1.2 + RichFaces3.3X(cant migrate to 4.Need ContextMenu,etc) +Jboss4.2+JSP pages

              i want to use Primefaces and JSf2.0

              Can you guide me on how to continue with Setup.Its a very complex project.Used dynamic skinning.That may be affecting PrimeFaces components.

              Any ideas

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                blabno Master

                Sorry Sabyasachi, but you can't have JSF 1.2 and 2.0 in the same webapp.

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                  Sabyasachi Rout Newbie

                  I mean i will migrate to JSF2.0

                  But i need to know if both RichFaces and PrimeFaces will work in a single xhtml/jsp page, including their respective themes.

                  My header MENU is common for all pages and uses RichFaces themes.i want the page to be designed in PrimeFaces(need the dashboard part).

                  Any ideas?

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                    Lukáš Fryč Master

                    Hi Sabyasachi,


                    compatibility with PF2 was quite good, except to some advanced RF features (CSV) I don't except many interoperation problems.


                    Skinning of RF and PF should be separated concerns, so should not collide.


                    Problematic may be incorporating two jQuery implementations for each framework.



                    As it is, interoperability is from my stand-point unexplored topic - I think you should try to prototype and we will appreciate to hear back from you. :-)

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                      badr elhouari Novice



                      Another point that peaple should care when choosing between technologie is the licensing issue ;-) PF is Apache Licence V2 and RF is LGPL V2.1 which is forbiden in some company!!

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                        Sabyasachi Rout Newbie

                        Thanks Lukas..

                        My main problem was using PrimeFaces 2.2.1 with RichFaces 3.3

                        As RichFaces 3.3 didnt completely support JSF2.0,PrimeFaces components were not rendered properly.

                        Did a dummy project with Richfaces 4.0 + JSF 2.0 + PrimeFaces 2.2.1.All components rendered perfectly.


                        But faced problem while skinning.

                        Included RF skinning in web.xml
















                        But faced problem while added Theme switcher by PrimeFaces in the particular page


                        p:themeSwitcher initialText="Change Skin" buttonPreText="Skin: "


                        Rich with Prime.bmp


                        See the button...It shows both the styles...UI Darkness of PF and emeraldTown of RF.

                        Is there any way to exclude RF style..in the real project i need PF things in 5 pages out of total 200 ui pages.

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                          Lukáš Fryč Master

                          You need to choose if you want to skin standard controls (buttons, inputs) with PrimeFaces or RichFaces:


                          from RichFaces' side you can control this behavior according to documentation: http://docs.jboss.org/richfaces/latest_4_X/Developer_Guide/en-US/html/chap-Developer_Guide-Skinning_and_theming.html#sect-Developer_Guide-Skinning_and_theming-Skinning_standard_controls