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    ModeShape InfiniSpan Source Not Fully Replicating

    Jeff Schwartz Newbie

      I'm using ModeShape 1.2.0 Final along with the ModeShape Connector InfiniSpan 1.2.0 Final.  When deploying my war to multiple jboss nodes, the initial repository gets sync'd appropriately, but after the additional nodes are running, only properties are getting replicated between nodes.  If a new node is inserted into the repository, it will not get replicated to the other nodes.


      Here is the code we are using to setup the InfiniSpan Source:


      final JcrEngine jcrEngine;


      final JcrConfiguration jcrConfig = new JcrConfiguration();
      // sets the rootNodeUuid to a constant to allow for caching.  This is a workaround for
      // https://jira.jboss.org/browse/MODE-764
      jcrConfig.repositorySource("Infinispan").usingClass(InfinispanSource.class).setProperty("cacheConfigurationName", "/infinispan-config.xml").setProperty("rootNodeUuid", "d878c1c0-684c-11df-a08a-0800200c9a66").setProperty("defaultWorkspaceName", "conference");


      jcrConfig.repository(REPO_NAME).setSource("Infinispan").setOption(JcrRepository.Option.ANONYMOUS_USER_ROLES, "admin");

      jcrEngine = jcrConfig.build();



      My infinispan-config.xml file is attached.


      Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


      Thanks in advance.


      Jeff Schwartz