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    c:if principle?

    Jiri Chaloupka Newbie


      I am using c:if on jsf page for test boolean object if I have to display something or not.

      in bean I have:

      public Boolean getIsConfirmed()


      in jsf I have it in list of recors, where I have one column:

      h:outputText value="#{item.isConfirmed}"

      where displays true


      and in next column I have

      c:if test="#{item.isConfirmed ne true}

      ... (some link to confirm)


      but it works like it evaulates false


      I tried to use alternativelly item.isConfirmed != true or item.isConfirmed !='true' (to be sure) but it is still the same.


      Is there some misunderstanding or better way?


      Thanks, Jirka