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    Integration with GWT/Smart GWT

    killfr0g Newbie

      I have been looking into integrating GWT/Smart GWT applications with GateIn Portlets, and have had moderate success but was wondering whether there's a better way to do it. Currently I am using an iframe which I output from the portlet, setting the source to GWT's HTML document. This seems to work but I have some issues:

      • Interaction between portlets is not possible, e.g. I cannot drag and drop UI components from one portlet to another - this is obvious since the apps are in different iframes, but quite a restrictive limitation for me
      • I have to handle resizing of the i-frame and UI widgets myself through Javascript code and GWT event handlers, which is a headache considering cross-browser issues and quite messy


      I also tried to inject the GWT JS file directly into a div instead of an i-frame, but had issues such as a blank page appearing the first time a portlet is added to the dashboard. It doesn't seem like the best of solutions either.


      So my question Is whether there is a better approach to doing this which I have missed, or whether GateIn (and other portlet containers) simply do not play well with GWT and I should look elsewhere.




      Edit: I have also converted my application to a Google Gadget and imported it within GateIn, this works fine but each widget on the dashboard is contained within an i-frame which prevents drag and drop between widgets. Is there a solution to this particular issue?


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