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    MDB stops receiving messages after Exception

    Veit Guna Newbie



      We're using HornetQ 2.1.2 together with JBoss 5.1.0. After some tests we encountered the situation that

      if a MDB with selector throws a Exception, delivering of messages stops for that MDB completely. Messages are simply left

      in the queue unprocessed. Stoppping and starting that Bean triggers delivery again until the next error occurs.


      Separated that case into the shipped hornetq example for the mdb-message-selector. Replaced the two files attached.

      Simply changed the testcase to produce 10 testmessages in a row and a "throw new RuntimeException" to the MDB.


      I would expect (like JBM) that hornetq tries to deliver that message n times again. After that putting it to the DLQ and

      continue with the next message on the queue.


      That can't be by design, right ?


      BTW: also tested it with trunk.