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    Auto server discovery in case of Fail-Over

    Balraj Kannan Newbie



      I am trying a scenario to check how HornetQ in JBoss behaves if there are multiple active hornetq servers in a cluster.


      Test bed setup is as follows:

      2 Active JMS servers with no backup configured.

      1 MDB listening on the queue running on a remote instance.



      HornetQ 2.1.1

      JBoss 5.1


      MDB running in the remote instance discovers the active server based on the multicast address and receives the messages. This is working as expected.


      Now when the active JMS server is brought the expected behavior would be that client discovers the other JMS server in the cluster.


      This doesn't seem to be happening. The client doesn't hook up to the next available JMS server.


      Isn't this expected behavior?