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    unable to move messages in cluster from DLQ back into other queue

    Jorrit Poelen Newbie



      We've been using hornetq for a while now, and we happy with its awesome features!  Great work!


      Our setup:

      . hornetq cluster with 2 nodes running on separate machine.

      . each node has two queues: requestQueue and undeliveredRequest queue.


      Due to an outage, we had about ~10k messages in the undelivered queue.  After resolving the root cause of the outage, we attempted to move messages from the undeliveredRequest queue back into the request queue.  After issuing the moveMessages action through jmx console, a non-zero count result code is shown.  In addition, the "deliveringCount" attribute on the undeliveredQueue increments with the count reported.  But... no messages get delivered to the specified queue (e.g. request queue).  No errors are shown in the logs.



      1. Is the procedure above the preferred method to move messages from DLQ to another queue?


      2. If so, why does the DLQ indicate its delivering messages, but no errors are reported, and no messages are moved?


      I've included our hornetq configuration files and a screenshot of the DLQ (i.e. undeliveredRequest queue) jmx console.