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    Integrity constraint error in a FK to AuditMaster from custom table

    Richa Khurana Newbie



      I have the following scenarios-



      1. There is a table A which has a field revNumber defined as a foreign key(FK_1) to AUDIT_MASTER table

      2. There is a hibernate interceptor(extending EmptyInterceptor) which is invoked on saving conversations. This interceptor creates records in Table A.


      Usually, there are no issues. However, we run into intermittent issues as-

      ORA-02291: integrity constraint (<Schema>.FK_1) violated  - parent key not found

      I tried to turn sql on and we always have insert statement for LP_AUDIT_MASTER before insert into A(which the interceptor inserts).


      Kindly suggest.



      There is a class A(marked auditable). Corresponding Tables are T_A and T_A_Aud. Randomly at certain times we see that some records dont get inserted into T_A_AUD(No revision at all) though the corresponding record does exist in T_A. Can you kindly advise how we can troubleshoot the issue to understand why this happens. The scenario is not restricted to just one entity A here. It sporadically appears for any of the entities.