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    fileUpload determination of multiple files

    henry katz Newbie


      Using richfaces 3.3.0GA and the fileupload widget. Effort is to constrain existing widget to use only last file selected by browser by replacing previous
      pick with current pick.

      Seems that the following JS client-side method might be useful. How do I
      use them? Can't find them browsing classes with firebug.
      Any example would be greatly appreciated.


      isMultiUpload(). It returns "true" if several files have been uploaded
       getUploadItems(). It returns the list of the uploaded files. If one file was uploaded, the getUploadItems() method will return the list consisting of one file
       getUploadItem(). It returns the whole list in case of uploading one file only. If several files were uploaded, the getUploadItem() method will return the first element of the uploaded files list.