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    Problem with rich:modalpanel while an applet runs at the background

    Basak Hacioglu Newbie



      I'm constructing a web site which uses a smart card for authentication   and a java applet is used to check whether the card is still in the  card  reader for every 2 seconds. The applet works fine in all of the  pages,  namely when the card is pulled out the user is logged out,  however if a  page contains a button whose onclick shows a standard  rich:modalpanel ,  when the button is clicked for the first time the  modal panel is shown  about 4- 5 minutes later!!  While the modal panel  is on the applet works fine, that is when we pull the card out while the  modal panel is shown the user is again  logged out and redirected to  the main page. In addition if the modal  panel is closed and its related  button is clicked again, this time the  modal panel is rendered on  time...



      The applet is not shown in the modal panel. It is in the base page and it is made invisible by usinghttp://www.rgagnon.com/javadetails/java-0620.htmlhttp://www.rgagnon.com/javadetails/java-0620.html . We want it to run as a standalone application at the background.. The applet is loaded when each base page is rendered.


      I' m using jboss-seam-2.1.1 GA and richfaces 3.2.2.SR1 .


      I  would really appreciate if someone could help me to find out why the  modal panel does not show up on time when the applet works at the  background.