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    problem with remote teiid server instance in eclipse

    Marco Ardito Master

      Hi, i successfully installed teiid 7.2, a sample dynamic vdb, and can connect with SQuillrel, and get nice query results


      Now i'm trying to step forward, following the quickstart i' found here:



      i'm using designer 7.1 on a win7x64 machine with teiid server 7.2 on ubuntu 10.04 but it should work, i think.


      after have set up my eclipse 3.6 with the designer 've been able to import my dynamic model, as in “File >Import” and select “Metadata from JDBC


      as you can see in the attached screenshot.


      now i am trying to follow next step, but i have a problem: everything is set up as should, it seems, but after clicking "finish" i end up with a "red x" icon over the teiid server instance, and don't know what that means, but it seems nothing good


      what am i missing here?


      i can connect to teiid server both on port 31000 (used for jdbc) and 31443, from a "telnet" at least, so i assume the port is open and someone answering there... but eclipse shows something like "not working"


      i also tried using mms:// (secure connection) wihout changes, except the small icon behind the "red x" that is somewhat different...


      if i try to click the "reconnect" little icon, after few minutes i get an error:

      "error conecting to Teiid mm:// see log for additional information"


      what log is that referring to? i checked both /var/log/syslog and <jboss>/server/default/log/boot.log, <jboss>/server/default/log/server.log


      but i got no errors there...... any clues?