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    Bug ? - cache.put(Key, NonNullValue) -> CacheEntryModifiedEvent.getValue() returns null value after creating put()

    Miroslav Pokorny Newbie

      I have tried to grab the value of the "created" value in a cache entry add event using CacheEntryCreatedEvent.getCache(CacheEntryCreatedEvent.getKey()) but this always returns null. The same is true for the modified event that is fired after the create using the CacheEntryModifiedEvent object. The modified event value is however set w/ the replacement value when the put is actually a replace. I have tried also to print the status of the CECEvent.isPre() and this does not make any difference, both before and after both return null values for creates or modify events.


      Is the behaviour of the create / modify events intentional or a bug?


      Personally i believe the modify event should have the value for "creating puts" because theres no value in passing on a null value which seems to contradict the schematics of a replace which is useful and passes the repalcement value as mentioned above.