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    How to Launch Workflows from (jms) events

    Brian Wallis Master

      One integration point for our system is that we have an event bus from which state change and other interesting events about system activities can be received. One of these events is called a "Discharge" and contains some info about a person and an event that happened at a point it time.


      We need to launch a workflow instance on reception of this event. In the future we may need to launch two or more different workflows from this same event or other events available in the system.


      So when I introduce a new workflow (via guvnor I suppose) the workflow needs to register itself somehow so that new instances are created when events matching specified criteria are received.

      • Is there a mechanism for doing something like this or is it up to me to implement it.
      • Where would this "workflow launch" metadata live, it should be packaged with the workflow.
      • Can I query guvnor for which workflows are available and get metadata from them so i can setup the JMS filter

      ok, I'm out of my depth now. Not sure of the correct approach.